Cisco SPA302D-KIT


The Cisco SPA302DKit bundle with 1 x Cisco SPA232D ATA with built in DECT server and 1 x Cisco SPA302D DECT handset.


Product Description

The Cisco SPA302D Kit is a bundle comprised of the Cisco SPA232D ATA with built in DECT server and one Cisco SPA302D DECT handset. This Cisco DECT System will support up to 5 SPA302D handsets and up to 4 simultaneous calls. The Cisco SPA302D and SPA232D together form the Cisco Small Business IP DECT phone offering which helps keep small businesses connected even when they can’t be at their desk.

The Cisco SPA232D ATA, the central server as part of the SPA302D Kit, is a VoIP Adapter, or VoIP ATA, which can be used to connect an analog phone or fax machine to VoIP services over the internet. The Cisco SPA232D has one FXS port for an analog phone or fax machine, one FXO port to bridge it to the PSTN if desired, a WAN port for internet connectivity, and an Ethernet port to tie it into the local LAN. The Cisco SPA232D improves on its predecessor, the SPA3102, with the addition of an integrated DECT base station which will allow up to 5 Cisco SPA302D handsets to communicate with it. The Cisco SPA232D will allow for 11 individual SIP Accounts, 10 via DECT (2 per phone) and 1 on the FXS port.

The Cisco SPA302D DECT handset allows you to connect to your VoIP phone service wirelessly when used with a SPA232D. You can add up to 5 Cisco SPA302D handsets to a single SPA232D DECT ATA. Each SPA302D will support up to 2 SIP accounts so you can enjoy the features of your desk phone while you roam the office. The Cisco SPA302D boasts a 2in TFT color display and a white illuminated keypad. The phone holds a 50 record private phone book and a 50 record shared phonebook. Enjoy all the features you normally get on your VoIP deskphone like caller ID, message waiting indication (MWI), selectable ringtones, do not disturb, call forward, speakerphone, call transfer, call hold, and three way conference. (See datasheet for complete feature list) The Cisco SPA302D ships with the DECT handset, 2 AAA NiMh batteries, a charging cradle, a power adapter, and a belt clip, so you don’t have to worry about buying all the accessories to make it work up front.

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