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Self-care Management

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Self-care Management

Call Management and Reporting

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Advanced Extension Features

Conditional Call Forwarding

Conditional Call Forwarding allows incoming calls that receive a busy signal or timeout because of no answer to forward to voicemail or another number allowing users to keep in touch no matter where they are. Conditional call forwarding also provides an extra layer of redundancy for SIP trunks enabling failed calls during an outage to reroute to an alternate destination. 

Call forwarding can easily be configured using the Cititone Self-care portal or by dialing the following shortcodes from your extension. 

*72 number – activates conditional call forwarding e.g. *72 18773149650 
*72* – de-activates conditional call forwarding 

When conditional call forwarding is activated: 

· Calls receiving a busy signal will be forwarded to voicemail an alternate destination. 
· Unanswered calls will be forwarded to voicemail or an alternate destination. 
· Calls that fail due to network issues will be forwarded to voicemail or an alternate destination. 

Please note: Calls forwarded to long distance numbers are charged at the per minute rates listed on our International Rates page. 

Un-conditional Call Forwarding

Un-conditional call forwarding allows you to forward all your incoming calls to voicemail or a different phone number, such as your home, friend’s house, office or cell phone. Un-conditional call forwarding is especially useful when users are traveling or maintenance is required for trunk circuits. 

Un-conditional call forwarding can easily be configured using the Cititone Self-care portal or using the following shortcodes from your extension.

*73 number – activates un-conditional call forwarding e.g. *73 18773149650 
*73* – de-activates un-conditional call forwarding 

When un-conditional call forwarding is activated all calls are forwarded to the destination number. 

Please note: Calls forwarded to long distance numbers are charged at the per minute rates listed on our International Rates page. 

Voicemail and Voicemail to Email

Personalized voicemail is a service that allows callers to leave messages on your phone. Cititone’s voicemail system permits you to record your own outgoing message, so that when calls are routed to your voicemail after a selected number of rings, they will hear your greeting and have the option to leave a message. Your voicemail message will also provide you a timestamp so you know when your caller contacted you. The timestamp can be configurable via account details page. If your account is deactivated for any reason, Cititone will store your voicemail for up to one month so that you can reactivate and still receive your stored messages. 

*98 – checks the voice mailbox for the DID number set as the outbound caller ID for the dialing extension. 
*97 number – checks the voice mailbox for the DID number entered. e.g. *97 18773149650 

Voice mail to email is an advanced feature that allows you to check your voicemails from any email box. This feature is automatically configured when you activate your voicemail service in Cititone Self-care. Voicemail can be checked by phone, using Cititone webmail, using an IMAP email client or by configuring your account to forward your messages to any other email address.

Caller ID and Caller Name ID

Caller ID or Call Display allows you to see the name and number of the calling party for incoming call.

User Presence

Three Way Conference Calling

Three-way calling allows user to quickly establish a conference call directly from their extension by putting the first user on hold then calling a second party and conferencing both calls together. For conferences with more than 3 people, please see Meet Me Conference Calling.

Call Transfer (Blind and Attended)

Cititone supports the SIPv2 REFER method allowing both blind and attended transfers. Blind transfers are unsupervised where the call is transferred without consulting the recipient while with an attended transfer the called party is informed there is an incoming call for them before the call is transferred.

Geographic Call Transfer

For companies with more than 1 IP Centrex Auto Attendant plan, either within the same service area or even in another region, their auto attendant dial plans can be configured to include extensions from both or multiple regions allowing full feature functionality between areas. 

This feature allows Auto Attendants in one region to add extensions from another area to their dial plan including them in ACD queues, ring groups, and hunt groups. End users in different regions can dial by extension or even transfer calls to extensions in another service area.

Intercom and Paging

Intercom Paging allows extensions to send out a broadcasts over the speaker of other intercom enabled extensions. This feature is especially useful when used in conjunction with call parking and paging.

Number Black Listing

Black listing allows you to control how your calls are received and by who. Using Cititone Self-care you can configure specific numbers or all numbers without caller ID to be blocked or diverted voicemail automatically stopping unwanted callers from tying up your phone lines and customer service staff.

Extension Based Contact Directory

Extensions can easily add a private directory to their phone by either importing their contacts from MS Outlook or other contact management program, by importing contacts from and Excel file or by manually building a directory using Cititone Self-care.

Corporate Directories

The dial by name directory allows callers to select an option to dial by name that asks them to enter the first 3 letters of the persons first or last name making it easy for them to connect to the extension they were looking for. 

The directory is a companywide feature regardless of the service area or location making it ideal for organizations with multiple locations. Callers dialing into an auto attendant in one service area are able to dial by name to an extension in another service area.

High Definition (HD) Video

Free Local Calling

All calling plans include free local calling the local area or your incoming DID as well as free in network minutes. Please view our plan detailsfor more information

Nation Wide DID Numbers

Cititone offers porting and DID number services throughout Canada and the USA as well as low rates on incoming calls to toll free numbers. Please visit us at our signup page for availability information for your area.

IP Centrex Dial Plan Features

Multi-layer Auto Attendant

The IP Centrex Auto Attendant automates interactions with telephone callers by answering incoming calls and routing them to the correct extension, ring group, queue, directory, or IVR message based on rules configured in the Auto Attendant dial plan. 

In addition to dial plan routing, the Auto Attendant also provides group functionality such as dial by extension number/ speed dialing, group black listing, feature transfers, conference calling and geographic transfers between IP Extensions. 

Although direct calls to and from IP Extension DID numbers are not handled by the Auto Attendant dial plan, at least 1 Auto Attendant service plan is required for each service area in order to provide group functionality to IP Extensions within that service area. For example; organizations that require IP Extensions in Vancouver and Toronto must have at least 1 IP Centrex Auto Attendant in each City. 

Key Functions 
· Calls are routed based on pre-defined rules in the Auto Attendant dial plan. 
· Dial plan rules are configured and maintained using the self-care interface. 
· Basic Auto Attendants include 100’s of standard dial plan templates to choose from. 
· SMB Plus and Enterprise plans include both standard and custom dial plans. 
· Group features such as dial by extension, group speed dial, feature transfers, group black listing, conference calling, geographic transfers and more are features provided to IP Extensions by the Auto Attendant. 

* Each IP Centrex Auto Attendant can only have 1 dial plan configured at one time. An Auto Attendant service plan is required for each number or area that requires separate inbound call handling. 

Ring and Hunt Groups

Ring groups route calls to multiple extensions at the same time while hunt groups ring phones in a specified order that tries each phone one after another until someone answers or the timeout is reached. While hunt groups and ring groups only provide basic functionality, ACD queues include the functionality of both along with more advanced features like customizable music on hold, interrupt IVR messages, and other advanced features. Please see ACD queues for more information.

IVR (Interactive Voice Responses)

Cititone Hosted IVR system automates interactions with telephone callers by answering incoming calls and allowing callers to dial by extension or choose options from a customizable IVR menu. When a caller selects an option from the IVR menu the call enters an ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) queue that plays music on hold while distributing calls to pre defined ring groups that ring individual phones or groups of phones simultaneously.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Queue's

ACD queue’s or call queuing, provides a way to queue up incoming calls and aggregating multiple calls into a holding pattern that assigns each call a rank determining the order in which that call should be delivered to an available agent. When an agent becomes available, the highest-ranked caller in the queue is delivered to that agent, and everyone else moves up a rank. ACD queue’s automatically distribute calls to extensions or ring groups based on time of day and user availability while playing music on hold to the caller, ensuring that calls are handled quickly and efficiently.

Call Parking and Paging

Call parking allows users to transfer calls to a parking lot extension that plays music on hold to the caller while they wait for another user to pick up the call.

MeetMe Conference Calling

Cititone Conference Call Meet Me allows you to host conference calls with participants across the country or around the world. Simply arrange a meeting for a specific date and time using the Cititone self-care interface and a phone number and password will be assigned for you and your participants to access your meeting. At the scheduled time of the meeting, simply call into the system using the assigned phone number and password to prepare your meeting and wait for your participants to join. Our system uses Toll Free dial-in numbers that provide access at no-cost to your participants.

Customizable Music on Hold (MoH)

The IP Centrex Auto Attendant includes a selection of music genres such as blues, jazz, classical, guitar, country, electronic, piano, rock, plain ringing, a combination of all genres or custom tracks that play while users are on hold or waiting in a queue. 

* Only music on hold licensed for use as music on hold or music with the “Free Public Domain” intellectual property rights can be used in Custom mode. 

Feature Speed Dials

With IP Centrex Auto Attendants, it is possible to assign extension numbers to features allowing users to easily access or transfer callers to a feature. Feature speed dials can be assigned to call routing features such as ring groups, hunt groups, ACD queues, call recording functions, conference rooms, and IVR messages. 

For example an extension number like 110 can be assigned to an ACD queue allowing users to transfer calls directly to the queue. Similarly extension 111 could be assigned to a conference room allowing users to transfer callers to the conference room extension 111 or dial directly into the conference by dialing 111.

Extension Based Recording

The call recording feature allows users to configure recording of incoming calls to the Auto Attendant. Recording begins when a call is answered by an IP Extension and when the call is competed the call is moved to a directory accessible through SFTP or by using the self-care interface. 

*Call recording is not available for Basic or Standard IP Extensions.

Find Me Follow Me

Find Me/Follow Me enables incoming phone calls to be received at different locations, on different phones.

“Find Me” refers to the ability to receive incoming calls at any location. “Follow Me” refers to the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence.

North America Wide Toll Free

Cititone offers porting and DID number services throughout Canada and the USA as well as low rates on incoming calls to toll free numbers. Please visit us at our signup page for availability information for your area.

Self-care Management Features

Online Call Detail Records (CDRs)

With Cititone self-care users can view or download CDR (Call Detail Records) and payment history details for their calls anytime. Cititone’s advanced CDR browser not only allows viewing of call of accounting details but also allows users to view SIP messaging and media connection information details making it an indispensible tool for SIP systems administrators.

Online Call Analytics

Using Cititone Self-care is easy and straight forward. With Self-care you can test your Internet connectivity and throughput, open a trouble ticket with our NOC (network operations centre), speak to a support engineer using live chat, view your CDR’s (Call Detail Records), apply for additional services, pay your invoices or manage your user and account settings.

Network Monitoring and Support

Cititone’s state-of-the-art monitoring software proactively monitors vital system services to detect potential problems before they can disrupt productivity. The Internet has revolutionized how enterprises operate making key network infrastructure ever more important and at Cititone meeting your service quality and high-availability demands is our priority. Although our network monitoring is specifically designed to monitor and interact with our high availability clusters by proactively switching loading from failed services to other active servers in a cluster, our 24x7 network monitoring also monitors all standard Internet services generating logging and alerting of any system or service failures.

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