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IP Trunk Features

Cititone dedicated SIP Business Trunks allow subscribers to realize incredible savings on both their local and long distance calling by sending and receiving calls over the Internet using SIP.


Trunk Redundancy

  • IP Trunk Redundancy allows PBX systems to establish a secondary trunk connection, usually over a different Internet connection to a secondary system at Cititone.  If the primary trunk or any call on the primary trunk fails for any reason, the calls are automatically re-routed to the secondary trunk for unparalleled reliability.
  • This proprietary technology is proven to work with all common brands of PBX systems and is especially useful for high capacity systems that become overloaded from time to time.

Network Monitoring

  • Cititone’s state-of-the-art monitoring software proactively monitors vital system services to detect potential problems before they can disrupt productivity. The Internet has revolutionized how enterprises operate making key network infrastructure ever more important and at Cititone meeting your service quality and high-availability demands is our priority. Although our network monitoring is specifically designed to monitor and interact with our high availability clusters by proactively switching loading from failed services to other active servers in a cluster, our 24x7 network monitoring also monitors all standard Internet services generating logging and alerting of any system or service failures.

Usage Analytics

  • System administrators can view call detail analytics real time using the Cititone self-care interface.

Caller ID/Caller Name ID

  • Cititone IP Trunk support both inbound and outbound caller ID and caller name ID. PBX systems connected to an IP trunk can send any Caller ID associated with their trunk groups based on a per trunk or per extension basis.

Online Call Detail Records

  • Users can view real time call detail records online using the Cititone self-care interface.

Number Portability

  • Numbers for most major rate centers in Canada should be portable to Cititone as long as you have a current invoice from your existing provider.  Please check with Cittone sales to find out if your number is portable.

Black Listing

  • Black listing allows you to control how your calls are received and by who. Using Cititone Self-care users can configure specific numbers or all numbers without caller ID to be blocked automatically stopping unwanted callers from tying up your phone lines and customer service staff..

Installation Support

  • Getting support with Cititone is easy and efficient, saving our customers both time and money. Our NOC (Network Operations Center) operates 24x7x365, monitoring and maintaining both our systems as well as our support customers networks. Customers can easily contact our NOC using our self-care interface with LiveChat or by opening an email trouble ticket. For more information about our support services please visit our Support Plans page.

Low Cost Long Distance

  • As with all Cititone services, IP Trunk users can benefit from low long distance charges to North America and as up to 60 other countries for as low as $0.01/minute.

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