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Conditional Call Forwarding

Un-conditional Call Forwarding

Usage Analytics

Online CDRs

Fax and Fax to Email

Black Listing

Speed Dialing and Blacklisting

Network Monitoring


4 channels
  • For Home or Small Offices
  • 4 DID Numbers
  • 4 Channels
  • Additional Channels $19.95 each per month
  • Additional DID Numbers $4.95 each per month


8 channels
  • For Small and Medium Sized Offices
  • 8 DID Numbers
  • 8 Channels
  • Additional Channels $18.95 each per month
  • Additional DID Numbers $4.95 each per month

Redundant Trunking Solution

Our high availability redundant trunks provide your PBX system with unprecedented stability and reliability.  If a call fails on your main trunk, it is automatically routed to your backup trunk for a level of reliability unmatched by other trunking services and traditional PSTN connections.



Trunk Redundancy

Online Call Details

Usage Analytics‎

Customizable Settings

Toll Free Services

Network Monitoring

A Complete Communications Solution


Redundant For IP Trunks


North America TollFree Numbers


Fax to Email Numbers

Starting from

Local Area Calling

Unlimited calling within
local rate centre

North American Long Distance

US and Canada main land


High Speed Internet is required. (Redundancy recommended)


All pricing is in Canadian Dollars and does not include GST, PST, or HST.


Pricing doesn’t include E911 cost recovery of $2.95/month per IP Trunk.


Trunk redundancy is only available with High Availability IP Trunks.


Please contact sales for more IP Trunk plan information.

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