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Managed VoIP Trunks

Cititone provides managed business VoIP trunks and SIP trunking with geographic and toll free DID numbers nationwide throughout Canada with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Our next-generation SIP solutions are designed to meet the communications needs of any size organization enabling users to take their telecommunications installations to the next level while saving money.

Cititone Managed Business VoIP Trunks and SIP Trunking solutions are ideal for any organization who is currently using SIP and VoIP or who are interested in starting to save on their communications and infrastructure costs. Sign up now to start saving 50% or more on your communications costs.

Redundant SIP Trunking Solution

Cititone high availability redundant trunks provide PBX systems with unprecedented stability and reliability.  If a call fails on the main trunk for any reason, it is automatically re-routed to the backup trunk for a level of reliability unmatched by other SIP trunking or traditional PSTN services.


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Save up to 50% on your communications costs while enjoying enhanced security, functionality, and reliability.

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